Wednesday 27 February 2019

Presentation of the TOMIC team #3

Hello again dear Magnolia fans!
I hope you enjoyed yesterday's post!

As we are counting down for 
The Official Magnolia Inspirational Challenge
we will present ourselves.
That way you will know us a little more.

We might come from different countries, have different  backgrounds, all have our own stories... 
But there is one thing that we all have in common
And I guess thats why you are here too! :) 

Today you will get to know the last seven ladies 
in the Magnolia Design Team:


We will all answer these tricky questions:
1. Your first meeting with Magnolia 
2. How did you get in the DT? 
3. How long have you been a member? 
4. One of your favourite stamp? 
5. What do you colour your Magnolias with? 
6.Anything else that I want to share 

Okay, its nothing more to wait for, 
lets get to know these wonderful ladies 
a bit more!

First up is Sabrina!

Sabrina Lamarina (Italia)

HERE I AM! I am 37 years old (still for a little), I live in Italy in the province of Turin, I am the wife and mother of two wonderful children aged 10 and 9 ... and two Sheela (kitten) and Zaira (a sweet Chihuahua)

1. Your first meeting with Magnolia 

With Magnolia it was love at first sight! I met her about 6 years and it was my first stamp 4 years ago when I started to get closer to coloring ... since then I have not left it! It represents my hidden side, the sweetness !!!
I am very proud to be part of the team and I hope to keep you company and inspire you with my colors and my cards for a long time!

2. How did you get in the DT? 
It has always been my dream to be part of the DT Magnolia, so when I took the courage, I sent an email to the company ... and today here is ... one of my big dreams came true !!

3. How long have you been a member? 
I am a member of the DT since 2018

4. One of your favourite stamp?
Good question ... hard to say, I love them all a lot, but my favorite are undoubtedly Spring Fever (2016) ... but I love to collect them all!

5. What do you colour your Magnolias with? 
Use a little all the media ... watercolors, distress, Copic, Nuvo Marker, Tombow, Prismacolor ... in short, based on my mood LOL

6.Anything else that you want to share 
If you are interested in Instagram and YouTube, please visit

Tanja Ludwig (Germany)

When I started stamping in early 2008, the Magnolia stamps were on almost every blog around and I fell in love. In September 2008 I was able to buy my first stamps on the Fair „Stempelmekka“ and I'm still in love :)

After I applied, I got an email in August 2009 that I was one of the lucky ones to join the design team. This will be 10 years already next August …

The question of a favorite stamp can not be answered, that's just too many. Since I'm a big fan of Christmas, Christmas images are what I like the most, but pretty much every collection has at least one favorite stamp for me :)

I color my images with Prismacolor Pencils or Distress Ink refillers.

My blog can be found here and on Instagram you can find me at @Stampinpiper. I like challenges a lot and I'm really glad that there is another Magnolia Challenge here ....

Tina Makuc (Slovenia)

Hello lovely people!

My name is Tina (also known in the crafting community as Tinchy) and I'm from Slovenia..
I'm 35 and I share my home with a super sweet Chihuahua called Boo-Boo..
I spend my weekends working in a local Casino, and I am an accountant during the week..
And if like it wasn't enough my love for anything Magnolia related encouraged me to open my very own online craft store called Craft Heaven Shop.. That's my true passion of course.. 
The dream? To be able to offer you all of the best products out there.. 
I know how hard it was to find them for me, back in the day..
To grow and become your one stop shop for all your crafty needs.. That would be the greatest accomplishment of all..
So yes.. My life is pretty busy.. But I love it just the way it is..

I first discovered Magnolia stamps in 2009 and that's when I bought my first one..
I just kept collecting them for a while.. They were just too pretty to be inked and used.. You know what I mean.. LOL!
It was not until early 2011 that I actually started using them and posting my projects on my blog ( From that point on my love for them has only grown to be bigger and bigger..

I've been a design team member since 2013..
I first met some members of the real Magnolia family at a craft fair in Italy and that's when I joined the DT and started my official Magnolia Blog (
I just love being part of such events in the company of two of the sweetest people out there, Barbro and John.. <3

A favourite stamp.. There's no answer to that.. I could make you a list that is at least a few kilometers long..
Of course I do have some that I keep using over and over again and never get tired of, but then there's that moment when a new collection comes out and I just have to add that one new stamp or two to my fave list.. I just have to..
It's a neverending story to be true.. ;)

When I first started crafting I had a thing for Copic markers.. A ton of tutorials could be found on how to use them, how to achieve those flawless blends..
But then I discovered Distress Inks.. This was just something spectacular to my eyes.. I never looked back..
I did get some pencils and other mediums and I still want to learn to use those as well, but Distress Inks.. Oh man.. That's my true love..

xoxo Tina

Yulis Kartika (Indonesia)

Hello, I'm Yulis! I live in Surabaya - Indonesia with my hubby and I have two amazing boys, when the night falls I love to do my hobby on painting and crafting.
I love painting ever since I was a little girl but eventually took Industrial Engineering as my major at University. But hey! now I just a mom, housewife, working at SOHO and love to make cards so much!

I started to be a big fan of Magnolia and falling in love with the super cute Tilda since I met her on the first time in 2011 on Magnolia Ink magazine I bought from an art store called Junior De Artist -  Singapore. Since then I just can't stop to collect Magnolia stamps.

I'm so thrilled to be a part of Magnolia DT family when Magnolia invite me on February 2012, so yeah I've been joined for 7 years!
The first project Magnolia asked me to do is make some felt Tilda Doll for Magnolia Ink, I’m over the moon excited at that time!  

My Magnolia stamps collection still growing up but if the question is which one of my favorites, I can't answer it! Because I love them all! I think no one can choose just one favorite image from Magnolia!

But if I have to choose one, I would say Tilda with Flower Pot from Butterfly Dream 2011!

In the beginning, I color my images using only Distress Ink, but as time went on, I also play with color pencils and other watercolor mediums.

I stamped my images using Versafine onto Canson Illustration paper, for now, they are my ultimate needs for coloring.

So that's it about me, I'm still looking forward to sharing my Magnolia stamped creations with you!

we can keep in touch on my blog and meet me on my Instagram @yulis_kartika
 Thanks for hanging out with me, see you around!

Lillemor Tibblin (Sweden)

Hello, I am Lillemor!
I live in Sweden with my hubby and together we have
 a bunch of kids (4 girls and 2 boys).
I work as a teacher and I do love my work.

1. My first meeting with Magnolia
I first met Magnolia stamps at a craftingcirkel in 2006.
Ever sence my eyes caught these cuties I have been in love with Magnolia stamps.
I love everything about them, 
the small details in Tildas clothes,
her different hairstyles, all kind of flowers, 
different kind of animals
and never the less beatiful texts πŸ’—

2. How I got in Magnolias Design Team
I had been visiting Magnolias shop in BorΓ₯s several times and
had the opportunity to look at all the beatiful cards from 

the designteam in real life. I was so smashed and thrilled
by those amazing creations... My biggest dream was to

be a part of such a talented designteam!
One day I showed Magnolia some of my cards
and since that I have been a member of Magnolias designteam.
It was adream come true!

3. How long I have been in the Design Team
I have been a Design Team member since june 2009,

so it´s soon 10 years!

4. My favourite stamp 
 Oh, my... what a difficult question... impossible to answer!
I love many of the old stamps and also the new ones.
Weddingstamps and Easterstamps are my truly favourites though,
Among my many favourites 
there are some  real sweeties:

πŸ’— On the road Tilda (Sea breeze collection 2013) 
πŸ’— Italian speedy Tilda (Italian collection 20015)

5. My colouring

I colour my Magnolias with Distress Ink Reinkers and Distress Markers.
I use syntethicbrushes and Langtons water colour paper 300 gr.

6. Crafting and friendship πŸ’—
Ever since I became a member in Magnolias Design Team I have
had many lovely moments meeting some of the other DT-girls.
Camilla H is a dear friend to me!

 I have been sitting in her kitchen many days colouring, drinking coffee,
 talking and laughing πŸ’—
It´s the best thing to do to get
 a real boost of inspiration!
I also have had the pleasure to meet both

 Camilla S Bakke and
Monique Lokhorst several times.

Jiwon Jung (South Korea)

1. Your first meeting with Magnolia 
I have taught college admissions students for 25 years as a math instructor.
Since I had to solve new math problems all the time, I needed rest and hobbies.
The desire for hobbies led me to an exhibition.
I saw a beautiful and shining girl card under the lights at the craft show.
The girl 's name was Tilda, and I fell in love at first sight.
Magnolia's cards were full of love, and it was another sign of happiness.
Starting with that, I am switching jobs.
I am 48 years old and have been running a craft site called 'stampfarm' for several years with my husband.
This job is very happy, creative and will continue.

2. How did you get in the DT? 
I met Barbro at a Japanese hobby show, and in my passion Barbro sent me a design team love call.
That moment is an unforgettable moment in life.
It was a feeling of pouring 100 million stars in the sky.
One of my other lives! I love and appreciate all of this.

3. How long have you been a member? 
Seven years ago, I joined the design team in 2013.

4. One of your favourite stamp?
All Tilda is adorable, but I The best love the Resting Tilda of the SF series in 2016.
The reason is that one leg is stretched so cute.

5. What do you colour your Magnolias with? 
Alcohol markers include Le Plume Marker, water markers use the Distress Marker.

6.Anything else that you want to share 
If you are interested in Instagram and YouTube, please visit .

Yuri Kitamura (Japan)

Hello everyone, My name is Yuri. I live in the beautiful land Japan with my husband and we have 5 furbabies (cats).

My first meeting with Magnolia 

I love cats. It was some years ago, I came across the lovely dies at a craft shop which was 'Paris Night'  (2 dies set - cat and streetlight) and fell in love with it at first sight. I googled and found lots of such lovely Magnolia cards made by the DT members and that Magnolia has lots of beautiful stamps. Then I bought one of the Magnolia stamps and tried coloring it. I still remember the excited feeling when I first colored it and I've been crazy about Magnolias since then.
Of course I still have my very first Magnolia stamp, it was 'Tilda with Hanging Cat
' from the Pet Animal Collection 2009.

How I got in the Magnolia Design Team 

It was about 6 years ago I entered for DT call held by the Embassy of Sweden in Japan. I was luckily chosen as a member of the DT of Magnolia Sweden.

How long I have been a member 

I have been a member of the DT since February 2013.

One of my favourite stamps

It's quite a difficult question. There are so many collection and all the stamps are very cute, I love all of them, so I can't choose only one.
If I really have to choose one, it would be the Animals of The Year Collection 2014 since I'm a devoted animal lover and it's exactly the collection I was waiting for.
Also I always adore the newest ones. I really love to start making a new story with them in my cards.

What I colour my Magnolias with

I always color with Distress Re-inkers and Distress Markers. My favorite process in card making is coloring because it helps me relax as well as coffee, wine, cakes, yoga, spa, and my furbabies!

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