Monday 25 February 2019

Presentation of the TOMIC team! #1

Hello dear Magnolia fans! 
It is soon time for the opening of 
The Official Magnolia Inspirational Challenge!

But before we proceed
we thought we might present ourselves. 
We do come from different countries, have different backgrounds, and we all have our own stories... 
But there is one thing that we all have in common
And I guess that is why you are here too! :) 

We will be presenting ourselves over the next three days,
so today you will get to know the first six ladies 
from the Magnolia Design Team:

Camilla H
Camilla S
Maria Irene Mendes

We have all answered these tricky questions:
1. Your first meeting with Magnolia 
2. How did you get in the DT? 
3. How long have you been a member? 
4. One of your favourite stamp? 
5. What do you colour your Magnolias with? 
6.Anything else that you want to share 

Okay, and without further delay, 
let's get to know these wonderful ladies 
a bit more!

First up is Becky!

  Becky (UK)

1) My First Meeting With Magnolia
In 2008 I made my wedding invitations and then in 2009 I made my brother and sister in laws and caught the card making bug, so when I was looking on the internet later in 2009 for card making bit and bobs I came across a card made with Tilda, and that was it! I taught myself how to colour with distress inks, which took a bit of doing, and here I am now 10 years later still getting excited when I see the new designs come out.

2) How I Got On The DT
I think it was about three years ago there was a YouTube DT call, which I entered and was so excited when Åsa messaged me, I have since became a full member of the DT!

3) How Long I Have Been On The DT
 I've been a full member of the DT about a year.

4) My Favourite Stamp
 I don't have a favourite stamp which ever one is in front of me is my favourite. I'm currently waiting on colouring Wine Relaxing Tilda...

5) What I Colour My Magnolia's With
I started to colour my Magnolia stamps with Copics, but I loved the look of distress reinkers, I taught myself how to use these so I now mostly use reinkers, and sometimes distress markers, but I do also like using Inktense Pencils sometimes too, I tend to take the pencils away with me if I am taking some colouring along too. 

6) Anything Else I Want To Share
I remember when I was a featured blogger in Magnolia Ink I had to pinch myself, and here I am now a member of this amazingly talented design team, along side ladies whose work I have looked at in awe for years, and they are more sweet than they are talented! Continue watching this space for what we have to come..! 

Camilla Hermansson (Sweden)

My name is Camilla and I live in Borås, Sweden. 
I live with my two daughters and my husband Johan. 
I worked 30 years as a nurse for old people. I love my job, it gives me a lot of love.
On my free time I make cards, love to color the cute image. 
I always love to bake cakes and spend time in the nature.
It gives me lots of energy.
* * *
1. My first meeting with Magnolia 
My first meeting with Magnolia was 11 years ago when my daughter brought me to their boutique in Borås. A whole new world opened up for me and I got carried away of all the papers, colors, stamps etc. I remember seeing previous DT team members Linda and Petra making cards and I was impressed.

2. How did I get in the DT? 
3. How long have I been a member? 
I’ve been a member of the DT team over 11 years and it all started when I got asked to make a test-card for Magnolia since they were looking for new representation from Sweden. A few weeks later I met with Barbro and she asked if I wanted to be a part of Magnolias DT team. I was so happy and I’m very thankful for everything I’ve done these 11 years.
I’m proud and thankful to be a part of the Magnolia team. To be a part of Magnolia for over 10 years is a blessing. I’ve got to know so many friends through Magnolia and also met friends for life. Two very good friends of mine are Camilla Stoen Bakke
and Lillemor, and the happiness was total when they joined the team. I have met them in real life several times. Magnolia is like a family for me and I’ve been on special exhibitions with them which been very funny. 
And also many Magnoliadays i Borås (i miss them a lot)
I love you Barbro John and Pauline, you always have i special place in my heart.

4. One of mine favourite stamp? 
My favorite stamp? I’ve asked myself this question multiple times and it’s a hard question to answer. 
I love animals and I get happy when I see Tilda with an animal. The list is long but To name a few:

* Tilda with Little Rudolf from "Aspen Holidays Collection 2016"
* Tilda with Hanging rabbit from " Butterfly Dreams Collection 2011"
* Tilda with Chanel the Puppy from "Animal of the year 2014"
 *Tilda with Inez the Bunny from "Animal of the Year 2014"
* Tilda with Foxy from " Sun Beam Collection 2018"

5. What do I colour your Magnolias with? 
I paint the Magnolia stamps with distress ink re-inkers, marker and pads.
I love to paint my Magnoliastamps, the hours just fly away.

6.Anything else that I want to share with you.
I love my hobby and everything that has to do with Magnolia. 
My style of the cards are the typical Scandinavian style; light pastel colors in shabby chic with a lot of white flowers is my signature card. 
I usually make the cards in the colors of blue, pink, yellow and green. I build layers and layers with
decorations of lace, flowers, cheesecloth`s, pearls, stickles etc.
I love all the cute motives Pauline is creating, especially the sweet Tilda stamps. I adore her background text and lyrics on all motives.
My room where I create all these things are holy to me, 
and nobody can touch it except from me.
And absolutely don't touch my stamps ;)

Camilla Støen Bakke (Norway)

Hi everyone, I am Camilla from Norway. I live in the western part, by the Hardanger fjord. Here I live with my husband, and our son who is five years. We have a dog, Spike, he is a Boston Terrier. And we also have two cats, Hasse and Ludde. They are almost the same size as Spike! I work at the local school, and enjoy that very much.

My first meeting with Magnolia 

I think that must have been in 2007 or 2008 when I went to a Distress Ink colouring course with Linda Muhr from Sweden. She was then in the Magnolia Design Team, and I fell in love with the cute images she presented for us. So I have been a Magnolia girl from the start of my card making hobby. 

How I got in the Magnolia Design Team

I still remember the mail I got from Barbro 16.07.2009! 
She said that they had  been looking in my blog, 
and liked what they saw. Then asked if I wanted to join the team. 
I was so happy, as you could imagine. At that time I had started to grow a friendship with my
dear DT friend Camilla H. And was really happy to be in the team with her. After this our friendship has grown even stronger. And we have also met in person. 
I have been invited to the Magnolia Day in Borås twice,
and both times it has been like a fairytale. There I have also met my dear DT friends Lillemor and Monique. Camilla H and Lillemor have also been visiting me here in Norway. I feel so lucky to have been invited into this lovely "family".

How long I have been a member
I have been in the DT since 2009. So in July it will be 10 years!!

One of my favourite stamp
Oh, this is the most difficult question! How on earth could I  choose only one Magnolia stamp. 
When new stamps come, I am always so excited! But the ones I like the most in general is maybe baby stamps and wedding stamps. I also love the Easter stamps, and the Halloween stamps. Ok there is one I have in mind, and it is Tilda with Foxy from The Sunbeam Collection 2018. And I also love the collection Animal of the Year 2014. I could go on and on here...:) 

What I colour my Magnolias with
I love to colour my images, and I am colouring almost every day. That is my way to just relax, fill my batteries and escape from reality. 
I use Distress Ink re-inkers and Markers for my colouring. 

Claire Pace Harmsworth (Malta)

My first meeting with Magnolia

I fell in love with Tilda the minute I set my eyes on the Magnolia Ink magazine way back in 2010 in a local store. I set myself up on a long adventure after that buying everything from abroad as we did not have any type of craft stores here . So from then I set off to buying Magnolia stamps and doohickeys plus all the other crafty stuff one loves. Having said that I always coloured and drew from a very young age. I loved Manga and continued to study Arts up to a high level in school.

How I got in the Magnolia Design Team

I have joined the Magnolia Design Team in February 2018 after Barbro has decided to include me with the Team.

Can you imagine what I felt finding myself in the place where I always dreamed to be? I was jumping up and down at the office (an open office) with joy...

I'm sure my co-workers thought I lost it that day :)

How long I have been a member

It is already a year that I have joined the DT now and looking forward to many more.

One of my favourite stamps

I simply cannot answer this tough cookie question.....too many to list and much more to wait for don't you think?

What I colour my Magnolias with

I still don't have a favourite medium to colour with. I mean I love changing from one thing to another so you will be seeing a lot of different coloured images from me using different mediums from copics to distress inks to pencil colouring.

Am super happy to be here with the rest of the girls to showcase what the lovely Illustrator and Creator of Magnolia Pauline treasures us with.

Irene Daryanto (Indonesia)

My name is Irene (you say it like Dutch people do: e-rain-né, because that’s how my Papa say it), from Indonesia, married, have two adorable kids, love card making so much, and the best part for me is always coloring the image.

My first meeting with Magnolia is when I came across a beautiful Christmas card using the Jolly Mistletoe 2009 Collection, I was instantly in love with Tilda, search the whole day on how to get that image, how to color it and how to make it into a beautiful card. I always love cards, I’m a hallmark card collector through and through, and now I get to make it all by myself. Just the thought of it makes me happy.

I get in the most amazing Magnolia Sweden DT member is by pure luck. I’m telling you, I did nothing but make some cute easter egg cup with paper, color some Tildas from the Hoppy Easter 2010 collection and Magnolia drop me email saying they want me on their team. Me… can you imagine? I’m 7 months pregnant and jumping up and down with joy.

And just like that on March 2011, I enter the DT, when literally no one from Indonesia even know what Magnolia is. Next March 2019 it will be my 8 years in the DT.

One of my favourite stamp, you say?? Hmmmm…. I cant say one, but more like the ones on the 2008-2009 collections and the recent ones, the 2017-2018 collections, but I’m a sucker for Christmas collections also, sooooo…..

I color my Magnolias with my Copic Sketch Markers, stamped with Memento Ink, on Fabriano Bristol paper, that is my absolute coloring tools. I’ve tried other tools and material but eventually this is my go to combo.

So that’s it about me, please pretend you’re not bored, and give me some love. Stop by my blog on or say hi on instagram @irenedaryanto

Maria Irene Mendes (Portugal)

My first meeting with Magnolia 
I fell in love with Magnolia in 2011 when I started practicing my painting with Distress Markers. I remember spending hours at a time, watching tutorials and practicing exercises until I had the courage to start showing some results. It was a long journey since I had no training in art and painting.

How I got in the Magnolia Design Team
I joined this magnificent team in 2015 when Magnolia launched a DT Call for Designers for their Youtube channel. I created my Blog in 2013 and my Youtube channel in 2011 and since I already had a fairly long crafter course I took advantage of this opportunity and managed to finally realize one of my dreams, being DT, one of the most popular and beautiful brands in the crafter world - MAGNOLIA. Since that time I have never been separated from the group by taking a longer step to enter as an Effective Designer in 2017. 

How long I have been a member
I have been in the DT since 2015. So in March it will be 4 years!!

One of my favourite stamp
I cannot answer this question in any way, because it is the most difficult of all!!!! How could I choose a favorite stamp that every year I have almost all of them as my favorites? I'm sorry, but it's impossible for me to answer :)

What I colour my Magnolias with
YES of course I use Distress Ink re-inkers and Markers for my colouring, and I really love them.
But, I have learned colouring techniques over the years with the help of excellent artists around the world who through their tutorials teach us to colour with some quality. So I do not have a favourite medium, but I love to color with pencils, as Prismacolor and Watercolor Pencils like DERWENT INKTENSE. Other pencils I like to use are the Faber-Castell Pastel and these last ones do wonders giving more depth to my paintings!!!


Thanks to all the talented ladies 

who have told us a bit about themselves and Magnolia.
Stay tuned for more presentations tomorrow!
Same place and same time:)

We wish you all a lovely day!
With love,
the Magnolia Design Team


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