Tuesday 26 February 2019

Presentation of the TOMIC team! #2

Hello again dear Magnolia fans!
I hope you enjoyed yesterday's post!

As we are counting down for 
The Official Magnolia Inspirational Challenge
we will continue with the presentations.
That way you will get to know us a little bit more.

We might come from different countries, have different backgrounds, we all have our own stories... 
But there is one thing that we all have in common
And I guess that's why you are here too! :) 

Today you will get to know the next six ladies 
in the Magnolia Design Team:


We will all answer these tricky questions:
1. Your first meeting with Magnolia 
2. How did you get in the DT? 
3. How long have you been a member? 
4. One of your favourite stamp? 
5. What do you colour your Magnolias with? 
6.Anything else that you want to share 

Okay, its nothing more to wait for, 
lets get to know these wonderful ladies 
a bit more!

First up is Jane!

Jane Johnson (UK)

My first meeting with Magnolia 

My first meeting with Magnolia was in 2009 when I bought Tilda With Hearts and from that moment I was hooked!  Almost all of my cards since have featured Magnolia stamps and dies.

How I got in the Magnolia Design Team
I had emailed Magnolia over and over wishing to be considered for the team and finally got the email of my dreams after they advertised that they were looking for new DT members in 2017.  I had to keep it a secret until January 2018 when I was announced as a new member of the teams! 

I had been friends on line with many of the team for years because I was on other Design Teams with them so to finally join them all on the Magnolia Team was my biggest crafting dream!

I also had creations make it into the Magnolia Ink magazine two or three times which was so exciting!

How long I have been a member
I have been in the DT since January 2018. 

One of my favourite stamp
This is such a difficult question as I love them all and have a few that are favourites.  I think my absolute favourites are probably Divine Tilda from the Waiting For Christmas Collection and Amor Tilda from the 2009 Love Collection.  Then I also have a favourite Christmas one which is It's Cold Outside Tilda.  You see, I cannot choose just one!

What I colour my Magnolias with
Colouring my images is what takes me the most time when I make my cards: probably about two hours. I paint with Distress Ink pads, using them like watercolour pans.  I find painting very relaxing and will often just paint several images ready to make cards later.  It is my favourite part of the card making process! Occasionally I might colour with Prismacolor pencils, if I am colouring on Kraft cardstock, for example.  

My first meeting with Magnolia 

My first meeting with Magnolia was in 2013 when my favorite shop owner show me many stamps.  Almost all of my cards since have featured Magnolia stamps and dies.

How I got in the Magnolia Design Team
I need to say sorry to everyone, because really I forgot it. In that time I am very busy, confused and…..but creation and communication with DT member give me grateful help.

How long I have been a member
I have been in the DT since Autumn in 2013. 

One of my favorite stamp
I can not say anything. All of I can say is I love all stamps and dies. Everyday they tell me “Let’s create new card with me!!” they are already lovely my kids.<3

What I color my Magnolias with
I use Distress Ink pads and pens. For me, painting is one of my relaxation, peaceful and fruitful moments. 

My name is Monique Lokhorst. I've been on the Magnolia Design Team for over 10 years now. I am married with Kees and we have 3 sons and 2 British Shorthair cats. We live in Holland. I work at a school. 

I love to create projects with the lovely stamps and dies from Magnolia. I don't have one favourite stamp, I have a favourite stamp collections of Magnolia, it is the Nativity Collection 2012! 

I always color with Distress Re-inkers and Distress Markes. I've done a lot of workshops and through Magnolia I've had the change to meet a lot of Magnolia fans in person. It was a lovely time. The workshops were always very busy. I was with Magnolia on fairs for so many years. I sure hope they will visit Holland again!

Besides that, I always love to create step by steps for the Magnolia DooHickey Club and the Vintage Club. The stamps and dies are so gorgeous, together the are AWESOME!


Monique xxx

My name is Janny de Graaf and my family consists of my husband, our 3 sons, 3 daughter-in-law and 4 grandchildren and 1 cat.

My first meeting with Magnolia was on a fair where I did a workshop at Monique.

I got in the team when I showed Monique photo's of my Fimo Tilda, and showed the photo's to Barbro, a day later I received an email, asking if I wanted to join the team.

I have been a member since 2011.

I have no favorite stamp, I love all stamps, although I do have a preference for the Christmas stamps.

I colour the stamps with the Distress Ink, ZIG clean Color, or my pencils.

Hugs Janny

My name is Paulina and I live In Poland.
I am currently pregnant and I am expecting a girl
I love scrapbooking very much and the best part for me is always coloring the image.

My first meeting with Magnolia
The first time I met a Magnolia when I was learning to colo ring stamps 
and watched videos on Yotube.
It was love at first sight.
 It was in 2012 and this love continues to this day.

How I got in the Magnolia Design Team
It was the beginning of 2013.
 One day I got a Messager from Åsa with question would I like to join DT Magnolia.
Imagine my joy that I have been so appreciated and that my dreams will come true.

How long I have been a member
I have been in the DT since 2013. So will be 6 years!!

One of my favourite Stamp
I love All stamps.
I really like the stamps from old collections that have already been forgotten.
Each new collection gives me a faster heartbeat and I'm always excited when it comes out on the market.
I can not say which one is my favorite, because everyone is different, everyone is charming, you can fall in love with everyone

What I colour my Magnolias with
I love to colour my images, and I am colouring almost every day.
That is my way to just relax and escape from reality.
I use ProMarkers, TriaMarker and LePlum for my colouring.

Paulina ♥♥♥ 

Mae  (USA)

Hi.  My name is Mae and I am a Registered Nurse here in Chicago IL.

The first time I saw a Magnolia Tilda  stamp was at a small local craft store.  The stamp intrigued me because it was light purple-grayish in color and when I looked closely at the image, it was so cute.  So I looked up Magnolia Stamps online and I found all the other stamps which I fell in love with immediately.  I started collecting Tilda stamps and figured out how to start a blog.  I also bought Magnolia Ink Magazines.  On one of the issues of the magazine, there was a contest for a wedding card or project.  The deadline was far long so I bought some wedding stamps and worked on my project. Then I submitted my project as an entry to the contest. A few weeks later, I received an email that I won the contest and they were asking for my mailing address so they can send the prize.  I was super excited because it was my first time to join the contest.  When my prize arrived, it was a copy of a new issue of Magnolia Ink Magazine with my project featured as the winner of the contest.  A few days after that, Lena from Magnolia sent an email asking me if I would like to join the Design Team.  It was less than 6 months between owning my first Magnolia stamp and being in the Design Team.  And I have been so blessed to work with so many talented individuals and I have been with the team since March 2012. 

As for my favorite medium to color, I use Copic Sketch Markers, Distress Inks, watercolors and occassionally colored pencils

Love, Mae


Thanks to all the talented ladies 

who have told us a bit about themselves and Magnolia.
Stay tuned for more presentations tomorrow!
Same place and same time:)

We wish you all a lovely day!
With love,

the Magnolia Design Team

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